Jesus CallingThe Vocation Commission for the Diocesan Clergy (VCDC) aims at promoting vocations to the Diocesan Priesthood and Religious life by providing parents, children and youth of Goa with adequate and coincrete means to discern and foster these vocations in this Archdiocese.

Specifically the V.C.D.C will strive:

  1. To enlighten, guide inspire and encourage young men and help them to discern their own vocation and respond to it faithfully.

  2. To foster vocations for priesthood in our Christian Families and provide them with some means to discern signs of vocation in their children and help their homes”serve as kind of introductory Seminary” (O.T.2)

  3. To help teachers in the Schools and Colleges and other educators who in some way provide for the training of boys and young men to promote vocational values and so to develop in those young people entrusted to them an ability”to recognize a divine calling and willingly answer it” (O.T.2)

  4. To conscientize the priests and the religious in pastoral and educational field as (as well as the seminarians particularly in the Diocesan Seminaries) about their duty to foster priestly vocations by t heir word and ministry and to “attract the hearts of young people to the priesthood by their own humble, energetic and joyfully pursued life” (OT2)